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  • The Best Tumi Women’s Backpacks 2019

    They’re practical, versatile, lightweight and good looking—we are of course, talking about the humble backpack. They can be used alone on short trips and city hops, or you can combine them with larger carry-ons when you’re traveling a little further afield. Continue reading

  • The 5 Best Backpacks For Festival Season 2018

    Festival season is upon us, and here at Kaehler, we know that you are already planning a summer filled with great music and inspiring performances. The backpack has always been the king of easy travel for festival-goers. Hands-free, no fuss, and available in a variety of styles, the backpack continues to trump all other bags when it comes to music festivals. Here, we take a look at five top picks for your next outing.


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  • New Tumi Larkin Spring Styles Just Landed

    12.26.15_lookbook_3_1650x905Tumi Larkin just dropped three new styles that are the perfect blend of fun and functional for your Spring Travels. Depending on who you are, the Larkin will be a daily or business style. The most exciting part, however, is the new color, Grey Spector, which is at once completely professional yet bold and stylish for use in your day-to-day. Let us introduce you to the new Larkin spring styles.

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  • Tumi Astor : Staff Pick

    Tumi Osborne

    The Tumi Astor collection is all about taking Tumi’s sophisticated look and kicking it up to the highest notch. As arguably one of Tumi’s most deluxe collections, you can easily see why Suzanna, our Kaehler employee, chose to highlight their carry-on in this week’s Staff Pick. Here’s her breakdown of its appeal factor, how she packs it, and when it most suits her to travel with it!

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  • Tumi Bestselling Styles and Colors : Now Departing

    22260AU2_alt6In honor of the holiday sale season, we thought it appropriate to bring you the styles that aren’t going to be at Kaehler much longer. Tumi’s made itself a household name for having some of the most innovative features in pieces that are instant classics. Now you can find limited time deals on some of their biggest sellers before they depart for good. Here’s a peek at a few you won’t want to miss.

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