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  • Rimowa Luggage : A Pioneer in Lightweight Travel

    It is not a secret that the way to go these days is light, light, light. Lightweight luggage can help save a traveler from the fees put in place for exceeding those pesky airline luggage weight limits. 

    Since its inception, Rimowa Luggage has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to practical, lightweight luggage. In fact, In 1898, when Rimowa luggage was first produced, most luggage was still made of wood. It was not until 1937 that Richard Morszeck, son of founder Paul Morszeck, came up with the idea to make a trunk out of the incredibly lightweight aluminum used in German aircraft at the time. Richard was particularly inspired by the Junkers planes of Germany, more specifically the JU 52. The JU 52 was a feat of engineering. Its corrugated aluminum exterior not only made the plane light, but added to its overall strength and durability. Morsczeck got to work right away on translating the sleek corrugated aluminum exterior of the flying machine into a practical vessel for overseas travel. By 1950, the first suitcase comprised of the corrugated aluminum was produced and Rimowa hasn't stopped. The modern day Rimowa Topas collection is still being produced and sold worldwide.
    Although Rimowa Luggage is traditionally known for their sleek aluminum cases, they are also a pioneer in polycarbonate, the lightest material in the luggage market. In 1955, NASA started using polycarbonate for its helmets and visors, which were the first type to take that giant leap for mankind. It wasn't until the year 2000 that the German luggage maker Rimowa started making their suitcases from polycarbonate. Today, virtually every luggage brand has a line made from the material. A quality polycarbonate case can be pretty pricey, but for a very good reason: it's one of the strongest materials luggage is made from. Some common items made of polycarbonate include bulletproof glass, compact discs, safety goggles, and helmets. If that doesn't indicate how strong polycarbonate actually is, we don't know what else would! In addition to being incredibly impact resistant, polycarbonate is exceptionally light.
    The lightest line is the Rimowa Salsa Air collection. The carry-on weighs just under 4 pounds; that's less than a newborn! Even the 32 inch case comes in under 9 pounds; that still weighs less than some newborns!
    We are confident that as luggage gets lighter, Rimowa will find new ways for us to travel more comfortably and efficiently, not to mention fashionably.

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