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  • Bric's Luggage: Classic Style with a Modern Twist

    From Florence Italy, Bric’s Luggage has been a world leader in quality luggage production for over 60 years. Founder, Mario Briccola began Bric’s with a family investment and a small shop of workers hand-crafting their first orders. The small company care and quality is still alive in Bric’s although it may not come from a quaint workshop in Florence anymore. The company has held onto their original values as it transcends into the second generation of Briccola leadership. The original attention to design and classic feel is very much still alive in Bric’s luggage. The sophisticated appearance of Bric’s has only spiked the company’s popularity over time. With a wide range of materials and designs, Bric’s uses the best quality products to make sleek, sophisticated luggage. The Bric’s collections carry a range of classic styles, but also includes new materials to complement a range of travelers.

    Their suede Life collection features pieces with a lightweight frame and leather accents in an array of colors and sizes. It is perfect for the traveler looking for durability, style and ease. With its spinner wheels, this collection can take you through the airport without any strain or struggle.

    Life 21" carry on spinner
    Bric's Safari collection exemplifies modern luxury. Made with a cotton and PVC blend, these bags are both durable and elegant. The collection contains spinners, duffel bags, tote bags, briefcases, and toiletry cases to complete any luggage repertoire!
    Safari 21" rolling duffel

    The new Bellagio collection exemplifies Bric's core philosophy: creative, elegant, exceptional travel bags that have all the function and modern amenities demanded by today's traveler. The iconic silhouettes have been redesigned using new, ultralight, durable materials to make this collection the perfect harmony of form and function.

    Bellagio 30" spinner

    See it in action!

    Want to see more? Shop Bric's in stores and online!

  • Is your wallet bursting at the seams? Try Bellroy!


    The wallet is a crucial part of our existence. It stores our identity, contains all of our bank information, and holds a plethora of loyalty points from all our favorite shopping destinations. We would all like to think that our wallets are lean, mean, and ready to go whenever we need them. But for most of us, stepping up to the cash register means fumbling around for five minutes trying to find that one card we so desperately need. 

    The truth is that most of our wallets pretty much look like this:


    So why is that?

    Well, for starters, we humans really like to hang on to things. Do you really need that receipt from 1992? Still want to hang on to that loyalty card from that store you went to once while visiting friends in Massachusetts that only happens to be located in that state? Why all the coins? Are you going to pay for your next purchase entirely in pennies?

    There are other factors beyond our control or recognition that also create fat wallets. For instance, separating your credit or loyalty cards between card slots creates an inefficient use of space. You should really group your cards to reduce the amount of leather and air between them, allowing for maximum crammage. 

    We have a solution!

    Introducing a fairly new addition to the Kaehler family: Bellroy wallets! Their philosophy on wallet design incorporates several space saving principles:

    Less is more. Bellroy attempts to minimize the amount of sections and pockets, as additional leather just adds to the weight and thickness of the wallet before you even have the chance to put anything in it. 

    Easy access. The placement of the pockets in Bellroy's wallets allows for maximum storage but also ease of use. Many of their wallets come with pull tabs, helping the user to access things quickly and efficiently. 

    Wallets according to preference. Do you like to fold your bills or do you prefer to lay them flat instead? Bellroy designs their wallets according to your bill folding and card storing preferences, so you can get a wallet that suits you, instead of having to bend to the will of your wallet!

    Do you like to fold your bills? Here's a helpful selection (thanks to their website) of wallets for you!

    Do you prefer to lay your bills flat? Here are some of your choices!

    We carry a wide assortment of Bellroy at our stores as well as our website and our sales professionals are eager to help you find the one that fits your lifestyle perfectly. Happy shopping!

  • Filson Bags: an American-made classic

    Originally founded as an outfitter for the stampede of gold rushers in 1897, Filson has been crafting bags, blankets, clothing, and other outdoor accessories with a rugged aesthetic for over 100 years. Filson bags are made with the finest, most durable materials like cotton twill, tin cloth, waxed canvas, and bridle leather of the highest quality. To this day, all of their merchandise is made in Seattle with extreme care and precision.
    Filson creates their laptop bags, canvas briefcases, canvas duffel bags, tote bags, luggage, and backpacks with utility in mind. For example, the famous Filson Field Bag features an easy-access, full-width open rear pocket and two open side pockets, double bottom to stand up to extra-heavy loads, and two expandable front pockets. It is also water repellent and has a handy brass key clip on the inside.
    Filson’s Padded Computer Bag is another standout item in the impressive collection of bags. Constructed of industrial weight Rugged Twill, this bag is built to carry a lot of weight. It's loaded with handy day-in, day-out features including full width open pockets on each side and end pockets for small, frequently accessed items. Inside are four roomy full-length sections (even one for large laptops), tall enough to hold a standard writing pad vertically. The easy-access zippered front compartment has plenty of slots and pockets for a cell phone, pens, laptop accessories and tools. Like the Field Bag, this computer carrier also has a double bottom and is water repellent.
    For the city-dweller, the Tin Cloth Backpack is a perfect companion. Crafted with heavyweight, durable Tin Cloth, this backpack has a traditional open top with a single large compartment and fits snugly with a leather drawcord. A side-zip opening gives quick access when the bag is buckled. The padded back helps with heavy loads and, like all other Filson bags, is also water repellent.
    In addition to smaller carrying bags, Filson also makes rolling luggage and it is nothing short of reliable. The wheeled carry-on features a two-way brass zipper with leather pulls and storm flap with double leather buckle closure. It also has an exterior front zippered pocket, exterior rear open pocket, exterior open utility pocket. Two heavy-duty sled runners and 2 ball bearing roller blade wheels allow for excellent mobility. It also has two interior elastic straps with snap tabs to secure packed items.

    Because Filson takes such pride in their wares, they offer a limited lifetime warranty on their products. Check out the full selection online or in any Kaehler store and support a great American made product!
  • Rimowa Luggage : A Pioneer in Lightweight Travel

    It is not a secret that the way to go these days is light, light, light. Lightweight luggage can help save a traveler from the fees put in place for exceeding those pesky airline luggage weight limits. 

    Since its inception, Rimowa Luggage has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to practical, lightweight luggage. In fact, In 1898, when Rimowa luggage was first produced, most luggage was still made of wood. It was not until 1937 that Richard Morszeck, son of founder Paul Morszeck, came up with the idea to make a trunk out of the incredibly lightweight aluminum used in German aircraft at the time. Richard was particularly inspired by the Junkers planes of Germany, more specifically the JU 52. The JU 52 was a feat of engineering. Its corrugated aluminum exterior not only made the plane light, but added to its overall strength and durability. Morsczeck got to work right away on translating the sleek corrugated aluminum exterior of the flying machine into a practical vessel for overseas travel. By 1950, the first suitcase comprised of the corrugated aluminum was produced and Rimowa hasn't stopped. The modern day Rimowa Topas collection is still being produced and sold worldwide.
    Although Rimowa Luggage is traditionally known for their sleek aluminum cases, they are also a pioneer in polycarbonate, the lightest material in the luggage market. In 1955, NASA started using polycarbonate for its helmets and visors, which were the first type to take that giant leap for mankind. It wasn't until the year 2000 that the German luggage maker Rimowa started making their suitcases from polycarbonate. Today, virtually every luggage brand has a line made from the material. A quality polycarbonate case can be pretty pricey, but for a very good reason: it's one of the strongest materials luggage is made from. Some common items made of polycarbonate include bulletproof glass, compact discs, safety goggles, and helmets. If that doesn't indicate how strong polycarbonate actually is, we don't know what else would! In addition to being incredibly impact resistant, polycarbonate is exceptionally light.
    The lightest line is the Rimowa Salsa Air collection. The carry-on weighs just under 4 pounds; that's less than a newborn! Even the 32 inch case comes in under 9 pounds; that still weighs less than some newborns!
    We are confident that as luggage gets lighter, Rimowa will find new ways for us to travel more comfortably and efficiently, not to mention fashionably.

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