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  • 7 Items That Should Be In Every Business Traveler's Bag


    Business travel takes a certain kind of finesse, and when you are on the road you want to make sure you are packing so that you feel just as prepared for a meeting in a different city as you would on your own home turf. With bad internet, low battery on electronics, and wrinkled suits being just some of the problems standing between you and a successful business trip, make sure you pack these 10 items on your next trip!

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  • How To Fly Internationally With Major Luggage Restrictions


    Traveling to an international location like India, Africa, or South America where there are strict weight limits on luggage can be notoriously challenging. To prepare yourself before booking, take a page out of our book and use these tips to help make your trip easier.

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  • T3 : Hair Styling Tools You Can Use Around The World


    For those who love to have all their at-home hair amenities when traveling abroad, consider taking advantage of dual voltage hair care tools from hair icon, T3. The benefits of T3's dual voltage tools are that your appliance will automatically convert to the correct wattage for an international location, and eliminate the dangers of potential fried circuits or even possible fires that come from plugging in U.S. hair products abroad. Check out these award-winning hair styling products so that you don’t sacrifice a good hair day while on the road.

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  • The Quartermaster Homme : Organization On The Road


    The much-anticipated arrival of Ebby Rane’s mens' suitcase style, the Quartermaster Homme, has brought with it a new solution to many mens’ packing issues. This bag will be to a traveler what the Container Store is to the disorganized house owner. Open the case to find a luxurious storage compartment quite unlike any other bag out there today, which includes eight “carryalls” that are equipped to house everything from tech to shave gear to ties, and looks good while doing so. Get to know what else this superbag is carrying in our luggage breakdown.

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  • Chipolo : Find What You Are Missing


    Technology has come to the rescue once again for the absent minded among us. While we have calendars in our email and reminders buzzing to tell us important things on our phone, we have yet to master that pesky task of finding lost items. This week, Kaehler is excited to announce that your plight is over. With the new Chipolo locator device you can track your most important possessions, and never leave home without them again!

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