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Monowrapship Gift Guide


What is Monowrapship, you ask?

Monowrapship [mah-noh-rap-ship]

Verb (monowrapshipping, monowrapshipped): The ability for any Kaehler customer to have their gift monogrammed, gift wrapped and shipped free of charge (Free UPS ground shipping on orders over $99), all in one store visit or by going to


Well, it might not actually be in the dictionary (yet), but at Kaehler this term has supreme importance because it represents the customization, consideration, and attention to always following up with our customers' travel needs.

At Kaehler, we see ourselves as one-stop-shop for perfecting your travel experience. We also like to make sure every little consideration is taken care of when you purchase a gift at our store this holiday season. Let us tie up the loose ends of gift shopping for you and get any Kaehler product Monowrapshipped.

And below are some very special items you might want to monogram, wrap or ship.

Gifts for the Dudes in your life


  1. Scotte Vest - Men's Standard Zipper VestScotte Vest - Men's Standard Zipper VestCarry all your gadgets and belongings without having to carry a darn thing. This vest has all the practical storage of less than fashionable clothing options. There's no need to give up and settle for cargo pants, just spring for a vest that allows you to tuck away your personal belongings on the inside of your clothing. With a wealth of uniquely sized pockets, there is a perfect space for almost everything - phone, iPad, glasses, keys and even a water bottle. Like people, what matters about this vest is what's on the inside, but there are also 4 standard outer pockets for good measure. Now you can bring everything you need without that "lumpy" look. And it avoids acting on the dreaded thought: "Well, maybe a man-purse would be a good idea?"

  3. Rimowa Salsa Deluxe - New Cabin Multiwheel Carry-OnRimowa - Salsa Deluxe - New Cabin Multiwheel Carry-OnPolycarbonate at it's best and sexiest. Rimowa knows how to make you look good, as well as protecting your belongings from the bumps and bruises of travel. This bag appeals to business and leisure travelers alike. You can check into the Ritz, the four seasons or the airport bar in Biloxi - though sleek and sophisticated -it fits in no matter where it goes. And it can really go anywhere, with 4 rotating wheels you can move it around easily, even if you packed a bit too much.  Eschewing extra pockets you don't use or confusing zippers and flaps, no space goes to waste. Rimowa has managed to merge simplicity, utility, and beauty in this nearly perfect bag. Another impressive achievement from German luggage experts.
    P.S. For every piece of Rimowa luggage purchased, you receive a free Kaehler Utility Kit.


Gifts for the Dudettes in your life


  1. Holly & Tanager - Professional Backpack PurseHolly & Tanager - Professional Backpack PurseIt looks great no matter what shape it takes. It's not a backpack, it's not a purse - it's both! Designed with hard-working women in mind, it exceeds the limitations of both in one fell swoop. This is an elegant design that truly works. Made from Italian cowhide leather, this bag helps you move through your day smoothly. Leave work with a high-end backpack, but arrive at dinner with a bag that your friends can't help asking about (and if they don't it probably because they're super jeal-y). So, when your peers ask where you got that amazing purse, just clip the hooks in the center loop and reply, "You mean where did I get this amazing backpack?"

  3. Echo Solid Muffler With PomsEcho Solid Muffler With PomsCozy, practical and with these really fun poms at the ends. Wearing this scarf is like having a little celebration around your neck. It is soft to the touch and breathable, so you can wear it for hours without getting itchy or overheated. And in the dead of winter, muted colors seem to be fashion orthodoxy. This fun, a little scarf will help you stand out - even in a blizzard.


The Little Gifts That Count...


  1. Carry-On Cocktail KitCarry-On Cocktail KitWould you like a cocktail for purchase? No thanks, I brought my own. They might serve drinks on planes, but they aren't bartenders. This fun gift will make you look dashing and ingenious (like Don Draper and Macgyver finally got together). Plenty of opportunities call for cocktails, but you don't often want to bring all the fixings to an outdoor get together - picnics, hikes or fishing cabins aren't conducive to full bars. This is a fun, thoughtful token for anyone you love grabbing a drink with.

  3. Lewis N. Clark GotoobLewis N. Clark - Gotoob 3-Pack SmallTired of buying expensive little travel bottles, only to forget it and buy a new one when packing next time around? Ditch the wasted money and time - get yourself a set of GoToob reusable travel tubes. It might seem messy, but a large opening makes transferring shampoo, and the like, painless and quick. Not only can you save yourself time and money, but you're doing your part to save the environment. Use these little guys again and again without accruing a stash of half-used travel bottles that you inevitably forget the existence or location of.