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Lipault Return to Kaehler Luggage in True Parisian Style

Back in 2014, luggage giant Samsonite acquired the fresh-faced French brand Lipault, bringing a welcome dash of color to the company’s already comprehensive range of luggage brands. With a reputation for creating striking bags, cases, and carry-ons that champion lightweight yet robust design, Lipault’s heady rise to the top has been swift—with the company winning plenty of acclaim for its vibrant take on a range of travel luggage solutions since its inception in 2005. Today, with the help of Samsonite, Lipault looks set to inspire the industry once again with a range of bags and cases that give travelers a taste of true Parisian style.




Thoughtful Design with a Touch of French Flair

The spirit of Lipault luggage lies with the brand’s commitment to tasteful form and lightweight function. Designed for “the lady (who) changes bags and cases like dresses and shoes to suit her taste day to day”, the Lipault range is chic, youthful and bursting with French flair. However, these accouterments do not distract from the rugged materials, solid manufacture, and sturdy durability of Lipault cases, ensuring they both look great and stand the test of time.

The Lipault collection includes day-bags and duffels made for small excursions into the city, alongside larger carry-ons and suitcases for longer trips. This ensures versatility and practicality marry perfectly with a sophisticated style comfortable in the most fashionable cities in the world. The City Plume Duffel, in particular, is manufactured from lightweight nylon and is available in a range of both understated shades and vibrant colors that make matching your luggage with your outfit an absolute joy.


Lipault city plume

The City Plume collection on the Kaehler website includes 24-hour bags, crossover bags, and backpacks designed for short city hops or as day bags when combined with larger items from other Lipault collections. Each is made using the same durable nylon that keeps weight to a minimum and that gives these bags their luxurious satin appearance. Additionally, a range of practical organizational features helps make these bags the ideal travel companions wherever you are heading next.

To complement your day bags, the Lady Plume Wheeled Weekend Bag provides plenty of space for longer trips and is superbly maneuverable thanks to the high-quality wheels and comfortable, telescopic handle. What’s more, the water-resistant PVC reinforced nylon helps keep your belongings dry when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Continental Travel, Continental Style

For elegant ladies traveling a little further afar, Lipault has you well covered. Both the Original Plume line and the 0% Pliable line give you a range of packing options when it comes to continental travel—and all finished in alluring continental style. The four-wheel Original Plume 28" Spinner is available in duck blue, ruby, purple and black, again crafted using Lipault’s premium nylon material. Also available in 22 and 26-inch sizes, this high-quality carry-on is versatile enough for a variety of trips, both long and short.


lipault original plume

Finally, the 0% Pliable collection provides plenty of packing space for the longest trips abroad. Available in aqua, black, and purple the Foldable 2-Wheeled 28" Packing Case is a superb example of this innovative line. More info about KL escort you find on the biggest escort directory in Malaysia.
Built with high-quality components that provide durable practicality while on the move, the collapsible design of this bag also ensures you can easily store it when not in use. Additionally, a matching zipped storage case helps keep your belongings in order and easily to hand.


Lipault 0 percent pliable

Here at Kaehler, we’re excited about the development of this fashionable French brand, and once you browse the Lipault collections on our website, we think you will be too. Watch the Lipault video and be inspired by this exciting luxury luggage manufacturer.