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Say Hello to Hartmann Luggage - New to Kaehler in 2018

As part of our commitment to stocking the very highest quality brands in our store, Kaehler is proud to introduce Hartmann—a luggage manufacturer that has stood as a “symbol of excellence” since 1877. Read on and learn about the history of the brand and learn more about each case with our Hartmann luggage reviews.

Hartmann began life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as part of Joseph S. Hartmann’s vision to provide travelers with luggage that would truly stand the test of time. The company grew rapidly over the first decades of the 20th century, introducing cases such as the Hartman Trunk and the Hartmann Red X that celebrated the birth of rail travel and a newfound freedom to explore. Soon enough, more than half a million Hartmann cases were crisscrossing North America or making the journey to Europe, with the peerless Babe Ruth bringing his favorite cushion top Hartmann trunk wherever he traveled.



Fast forward to the 1950’s and the golden age of air travel, Hartmann introduces the 707 Collection as inspired by America’s first commercial jetliner. Immortalized in Ian Fleming’s Live and Let Die, James Bond ensures the Skymate suitcase becomes the stuff of legend, forever part of the glamour and intrigue of 007. Another 50 years of iconic cases, fashionable holdalls, and innovative materials allow Hartmann to celebrate its 125th anniversary at the beginning of the new millennium.

Today, true craftsmanship forms the backbone of the Hartmann philosophy, with American made components and materials ensuring the brand’s heritage is intact and cases remain true to their origins. Here, we look at what makes this brand a Kaehler favorite with these short and sweet Hartmann luggage reviews.

Vintage Styles – The Tweed Legend Collection


Among Hartmann’s most popular lines is the Tweed Legend—a vintage styled range of bags and cases that simply oozes charm and sophistication. From compact duffels designed as weekend bags or carry-ons to larger spinner cases for both domestic and international travel, the Tweed Legend collection is versatile and exceptionally good looking. Featuring 100% Nylon tweed fabric for strength, durability, and stain resistance, this line is punctuated by full grain leather trims and the Hartmann signature figure 8 handle.

Hartmann Twee Travel Duffle


Our Hartmann luggage review begins with the smaller bags within the collection. The Tweed Legend Weekend Duffel offers an abundance of pockets and compartments for easy organization, with the slightly larger Travel Duffel also including a USB port and zipper battery pocket for on-the-go charging. Both bags offer uncompromising attention to detail, with the embossed lining and leather insignia adding that extra touch of sophistication.


Hartmann Twee Travel Spinner


The larger cases and spinners in our Hartmann luggage review range from the Underseat Carry-On Spinner to the Voyage Spinner Garment Bag, providing travelers with plenty of space for longer trips. Highlights within this range of cases include padded sections for electronic devices, tri-fold suiter sections for wrinkle-free garments, plus hanger brackets for closet-to-bag packing. Additionally, ergonomic design and superbly engineered wheels make even the largest cases easily maneuverable.


Contemporary Materials – The 7R Collection


Hartmann 7R small spinner

For something a little more modern, the Hartmann 7R collection wears its polycarbonate heart on its sleeve. Wrapped in the lightweight, robust, metallic Curv® material from Samsonite, these cases are designed to withstand even the most unforgiving baggage handlers. Featuring a range of sizes, these luxury spinners ensure you can pack exactly what you need for trips of any length—either domestic or international.

Each case also features a dual tube aluminum handle with leather grip alongside double wheels with a polycarbonate core for easy maneuverability over many years. TSA locks are included for increased security while in the airport, and the spacious packing compartments allow for easy organization of items through mesh dividers, zippers, cross straps and pockets. Finally, weight is kept down across the entire construction of these cases to ensure you can more easily meet airline weight allowances.


Here at Kaehler, we are excited by another high-quality addition to our store, and we believe that Hartmann luggage has plenty to offer travelers of any type. Take a look at the entire range and choose the right case or bag for your next trip.