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Travel Tips

  • Best Carry-On Backpacks 2019

    Everyone needs a backpack. They’re among the most versatile and practical bags around, and increasingly, they’re the perfect travel companion for journeys of any length. They also come in a variety of sizes and a broad range of styles suitable for both business and leisure travel. What’s more, the best carry-on backpacks include organizational and space saving features designed to help you keep everything you need to hand.
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  • 9 Most Exciting, Under-explored Destinations of 2018

    Here at Kaehler, we’re BIG on travel. In fact, not a day goes by when we’re not dreaming of some far-flung destination and the once-in-a-lifetime experiences we might find there. However, even urbane travelers can find themselves stuck in the tourist trap, after all, the most celebrated destinations in the world are popular for good reason. So, if you were non-plussed in Paris, bored out of your mind at Bangkok, losing the will to live in London, or simply sick of other tourists in Singapore, we might have the cure-all courtesy of our favorite travel gurus and industry experts. Read on and discover the most exciting underexplored destinations just waiting for your arrival.

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  • AirScale Makes Any Luggage "Smart Luggage"

    Beginning January of 2018, Delta and American Airlines are instituting new regulations that prevent passengers from checking or carrying on most types of “smart luggage." And United Airlines isn’t far behind. For the layman, smart luggage refers to any battery-powered luggage that performs a wide range of high-tech functions, from serving as a mobile charging station to a kind of scooter you can ride around the airport. The U.S. now has only four major airlines, so this is a prett-ay big deal.

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  • Briggs & Riley BRX Explore International Wide Body Spinner Review

    I booked an 11 day trip to Morocco. The plan was to meet up with some friends and take on five different cities. The most ambitious part was that I planned to tackle this trip with a mere carry on bag and backpack. I ended up choosing the Briggs & Riley BRX Explore International Wide Body Spinner. The style of the bag was the perfect blend of adventure and leisure travel that I was planning my trip to Morocco. It had to be a bag that would fare well rolling across roads and through narrow train cars, but would still fit in the overhead bin with the small fare flight I had booked to get to Morocco. While the BRX was up against steep odds, it had just the right features to get me through the most challenging travel conditions I faced in Morocco. Here’s a review of where it shined.

    Briggs & Riley International Expandable Wide Body Spinner
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  • The Best Places To Visit In Accra, Ghana


    View from Elmina Castle, Ghana

    As Ghana's capital city, Accra is known for its bustling city streets and constant flow of activity. While the city has something interesting happening around every corner, it can be challenging to suss out the best that Accra has to offer a visitor who's only there for a brief stay. Here are a few absolute must-see places to visit during your stay.

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