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Staff Pick

  • Three 22-inch Spinner Carry-Ons for the Elite Traveler

    Here at Kaehler, we've seen plenty of luggage designs come and go over the years. As travel habits have changed and airline restrictions have become increasingly stringent, the best luggage manufacturers have competed to keep up with consumer demand, designing bags and cases that try to minimize headaches at the airport while allowing you to pack everything you need for your trip.

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  • Monowrapship Gift Guide


    What is Monowrapship, you ask?

    Monowrapship [mah-noh-rap-ship]

    Verb (monowrapshipping, monowrapshipped): The ability for any Kaehler customer to have their gift monogrammed, gift wrapped and shipped free of charge (Free UPS ground shipping on orders over $99), all in one store visit or by going to
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  • Tumi Astor : Staff Pick

    Tumi Osborne

    The Tumi Astor collection is all about taking Tumi’s sophisticated look and kicking it up to the highest notch. As arguably one of Tumi’s most deluxe collections, you can easily see why Suzanna, our Kaehler employee, chose to highlight their carry-on in this week’s Staff Pick. Here’s her breakdown of its appeal factor, how she packs it, and when it most suits her to travel with it!

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  • Tumi Voyageur : This Week’s Staff Pick

    Tumi VoyageurTumi Voyageur is a line that we are really excited about.  It's awesome to see women’s travel being embraced by the industry. However, we can also say Tumi Voyageur is one of the few women’s lines that feels like it's doing it right. The Voyageur is a feminine design that doesn't venture away from what Tumi does best, a smart functional bag. We were excited to get to dig in deeper to this versatile collection, and to hear just what the Voyageur had going for it that made it Heather, our Assistant Buyer’s, favorite collection.

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  • Filson Luggage: This Week's Staff Pick

    Filson Luggage

    Filson Luggage is known for its trademark collection of canvas bags that appeal to the everyman. They are a brand that we have grown to love at Kaehler for their awesome work bags that stay true to three design principles: keeping things classic, simple, and American made. Filson Luggage has managed to cultivate an inexplicably rugged feel using only the best of leather, canvas, and brass materials that beautifully transitions across all your lifestyle needs. It also admittedly has one of the higher quotients of stylishness we've seen in terms of travel bags today. Although Filson Luggage stays true to the work bag design, their bags don’t seem to be pinned down by one clear purpose. It’s a bag that’s built for constant use- an extension of your daily life that channels all your needs. It’s an instantly distinguishable design that, when you look at it, seems like it’s game for whatever you have on your agenda that day. When we asked our staff member, Patrick, what made him choose Filson’s Tin Cloth Backpack he was ready to explain just what makes this bag such a chameleon in terms of functionality.

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