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Quick Trip Guides

  • Quick Trip Guide To Puerto Rico

    quick trip guide to Puerto Rico

    If you’ve scored a trip to Puerto Rico you have fantastic cuisine, sandy beaches, and some of the best scenery to look forward to. Whether you are strolling the streets of Old San Juan or are hiking through El Yunque National Rainforest, you can’t go wrong. However, that doesn’t extend to your packing. Here are the essentials for packing and sightseeing while in Puerto Rico if you only have a few days.

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  • Amsterdam Quick Trip Guide


    If you've made the good decision to book your next trip to Amsterdam there are a number of things running through your mind. With so much to do and what is often so little time, we’ve decided to make a condensed travelers guide for what to pack and what to do in this fantastic city. Take on the best of Amsterdam in this weekend guide.

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  • London Quick Trip Guide

    London Quick Trip Guide

    Fall is just around the corner, and with it comes exciting opportunities to venture abroad. What better place to make your way to than London? London is known for the hustle and bustle of the city with its street fashion, fantastic eating, and endless attractions. While London is a city that could take a lifetime to explore, we’ve challenged ourselves to distill it all into a one weekend trip with the must-see places, clothing, and luggage you need for your stay.

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  • Paris Quick Trip Guide

    Paris Quick Trip Guide

    If you’re lucky enough to have Paris on your travel agenda this spring, you’ll want to be prepared so that when you hit the ground you’ll be more than ready to take advantage of your adventure time. To make matters fun, we’ve made a quick trip guide covering the three things you must know before a trip to Paris: the luggage you need, accessories you’ll want, and places you must go.

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  • Berlin Quick Trip Guide


    Berlin Guide Photo

    Thinking of Berlin, any number of things come to mind: incredible food, rich culture, and a host of different attractions. It's easy to get swept away in just how much there is to see and experience. However, if time is limited to a few days stay and you need the bare essentials, you are in luck. We've compressed the best of Berlin into an essential guide that will give you the details on how best to pack, prepare, and sight-see in this fantastic city.

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