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Leather 101

  • Leather 101 : Vegetable Tanned Leather

    Vegetable Tanning

    This week, our Leather 101 series delves into the bold look of vegetable tanned leather. Any true leather aficionado can tell you that this is a special leather process. In fact, it is actually considered the original tanning process and dates back thousands of years. The final result? Leather with an unforgettable quality, rich in color and increased in lifespan. Here’s the scoop on how vegetable tanning works and what brands you can expect to see it from.

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  • Horween Leather : Leather 101

    Horween Leather

    Leather has always played a significant role in our hometown of Chicago. It stretches back over 200 years in Chicago’s history, to the burgeoning cattle stockyards that grew during industrial times. Since the cattle boom, a number of tanneries would form. Today one remains, and when a business outlasts its competitors you can bet it’s a good one. Horween Tannery sources all our leathers for our line, Kaehler 1920. Here’s how this tannery has grown into one of the most prestigious tanneries you can find, and why we’ve chosen them as a partner.

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  • Kaehler 1920 : Bags Built On Chicago History

    Kaehler 1920 English Tan Brief

    Kaehler 1920 incorporates the two elements of local Chicago industry and quality leather work into a line of bags with a unique story. As it turns out, these things came naturally to a brand like ours that has 95 years in travel retail experience based in our hometown of Chicago. Take a look as we explore the finished product in this edition of the blog. Here’s a hint on what you can expect: lots of beautiful leather.

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