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  • 9 Most Exciting, Under-explored Destinations of 2018

    Here at Kaehler, we’re BIG on travel. In fact, not a day goes by when we’re not dreaming of some far-flung destination and the once-in-a-lifetime experiences we might find there. However, even urbane travelers can find themselves stuck in the tourist trap, after all, the most celebrated destinations in the world are popular for good reason. So, if you were non-plussed in Paris, bored out of your mind at Bangkok, losing the will to live in London, or simply sick of other tourists in Singapore, we might have the cure-all courtesy of our favorite travel gurus and industry experts. Read on and discover the most exciting underexplored destinations just waiting for your arrival.

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  • Interview with a World Traveler : Kaehler Intern and Farther Foundation Scholar Milon Hutchinson

    Go Farther Foundation

    Milon Hutchinson is the newest member of the Kaehler team. As our resident intern, he’s about to learn a lot about travel, but his unique background also puts him at an advantage. Milon, or Lon as he prefers, applied for Kaehler's internship through the Farther Foundation. The Farther Foundation focuses on offering scholarship opportunities to students who desire immersion abroad. Lon sat down with us to share why he’s excited about his time at Kaehler and what his travels have taught him (lots of good travel tips, for one thing!)

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  • Interview with a World Traveler : ProTravel's Kathy Bernstein

    travelpro interview

    Kathy Bernstein is one of the few individuals in this world lucky enough to make travel her work. As a premier travel agent at ProTravel who's upcoming trips include the likes of Thailand, Bhutan, Tanzania, and Kenya it's safe to call Kathy an expert in the field, which is why we were more than excited to sit down and talk with her about life in the world of a travel agent. Whether it's packing for a safari, or covering the often-confusing topic of family travel she helps set the record straight on how to get the most out of an upcoming trip.

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  • Interview with a World Traveler: A Scenic Road's Xavier Cabanne

    A Scenic Road

    Xavier Cabanne knows wine. In fact it’s been in his family for generations. Going back to 1898, Xavier’s great great grandmother, a widow who inherited her estate, grew her business into the renowned wine and bubbly company Veuve Ambal. Growing up frequenting the family’s vineyards has left Xavier with a deep rooted love of all things wine, Burgundy, and the South of France. Using his history, connections, and love of fine wine Xavier started A Scenic Road, a company offering custom made itinerary for trips to Burgundy. We sat down for a conversation with Xavier about finding those hidden wineries, preparing for a wine tour, and how not to over-pack for your next trip.

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  • Interview with a World Traveler: Down Under Endeavour's Corinne Goodman

    Down Under Endeavors Logo

    This week we sat down with Corinne Goodman, the founder of Down Under Endeavours, a Chicago-based travel company that offers specialty tours to the South Pacific. While speaking with Corinne, who’s been in the business for fifteen plus years, it seemed the perfect opportunity to pick the brain of a fellow travel enthusiast. What came from it? We got the scoop on all things travel, packing, and planning, while also managing to grab a few words of wisdom on how to handle those oh-so-intimidating long, international flights.

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