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Chicago Travel

  • Horween Leather : Leather 101

    Horween Leather

    Leather has always played a significant role in our hometown of Chicago. It stretches back over 200 years in Chicago’s history, to the burgeoning cattle stockyards that grew during industrial times. Since the cattle boom, a number of tanneries would form. Today one remains, and when a business outlasts its competitors you can bet it’s a good one. Horween Tannery sources all our leathers for our line, Kaehler 1920. Here’s how this tannery has grown into one of the most prestigious tanneries you can find, and why we’ve chosen them as a partner.

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  • Kaehler 1920 : Bags Built On Chicago History

    Kaehler 1920 English Tan Brief

    Kaehler 1920 incorporates the two elements of local Chicago industry and quality leather work into a line of bags with a unique story. As it turns out, these things came naturally to a brand like ours that has 95 years in travel retail experience based in our hometown of Chicago. Take a look as we explore the finished product in this edition of the blog. Here’s a hint on what you can expect: lots of beautiful leather.

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  • Public - Supply : How Your Notebook Can Fuel the Arts

    public - supply

    Public - Supply is a  brand you couldn’t have stumbled upon at a better time. Not only do they have a line of lightweight notebooks perfect for travel notes and journaling, Kaehler has also been especially pleased by what Public - Supply notebooks are funding: The Arts in public schools. We're taking a special interest in our hometown of Chicago, selling their newest notebook collection specific to Chicago school funding at our Kaehler locations. Here is the story behind this very special notebook collection.

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  • 7 Rules to Live by When Visiting Chicago

    Kaehler 1920When traveling to Chicago go with a Chicago-made Kaehler 1920 Duffel

    As a local Chicagoan, a lot of times when my out-of-town friends come to Chicago I am shocked by their perceptions of the city. After receiving the time-old questions “Should I rent a car?” or “Should we go outside the Loop? Isn't it dangerous?” It seems it is long past time the locals decided to impart certain ground rules for when you are visiting Chicago. After all, there are some things that only years as a city dweller allow you to learn. In the spirit of traveling like a local, here’s a list of some of the things every Chicagoan wants you to know to have a great stay in our city.

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  • O'Hare Terminal 5: Newly Renovated and Ready for Takeoff

    Kaehler 1920                                  This Kaehler 1920 bag would gladly join you at O'Hare's new Terminal 5

    This Spring, O’Hare Airport’s Terminal 5 was given a long due overhaul and updated to a much more Chicago-friendly design. O’Hare’s Terminal 5 has long been known as the eyesore of the O’Hare Airport. It also happens to be the first place to greet international travelers and also is the last view of Chicago that travelers see before departing. Every Chicagoan’s curiosity was piqued hearing that Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced his plans to have the terminal remodeled and stocked with new shops, Chicago eateries, and a brand new design.

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