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  • The Best Tumi Women’s Backpacks 2019

    They’re practical, versatile, lightweight and good looking—we are of course, talking about the humble backpack. They can be used alone on short trips and city hops, or you can combine them with larger carry-ons when you’re traveling a little further afield. Continue reading

  • Best Carry-On Backpacks 2019

    Everyone needs a backpack. They’re among the most versatile and practical bags around, and increasingly, they’re the perfect travel companion for journeys of any length. They also come in a variety of sizes and a broad range of styles suitable for both business and leisure travel. What’s more, the best carry-on backpacks include organizational and space saving features designed to help you keep everything you need to hand.
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  • Say Hello to Hartmann Luggage - New to Kaehler in 2018

    As part of our commitment to stocking the very highest quality brands in our store, Kaehler is proud to introduce Hartmann—a luggage manufacturer that has stood as a “symbol of excellence” since 1877. Read on and learn about the history of the brand and learn more about each case with our Hartmann luggage reviews.

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  • Lipault Return to Kaehler Luggage in True Parisian Style

    Back in 2014, luggage giant Samsonite acquired the fresh-faced French brand Lipault, bringing a welcome dash of color to the company’s already comprehensive range of luggage brands. With a reputation for creating striking bags, cases, and carry-ons that champion lightweight yet robust design, Lipault’s heady rise to the top has been swift—with the company winning plenty of acclaim for its vibrant take on a range of travel luggage solutions since its inception in 2005. Today, with the help of Samsonite, Lipault looks set to inspire the industry once again with a range of bags and cases that give travelers a taste of true Parisian style.

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  • Three 22-inch Spinner Carry-Ons for the Elite Traveler

    Here at Kaehler, we've seen plenty of luggage designs come and go over the years. As travel habits have changed and airline restrictions have become increasingly stringent, the best luggage manufacturers have competed to keep up with consumer demand, designing bags and cases that try to minimize headaches at the airport while allowing you to pack everything you need for your trip.

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