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  • The Duffel Bag vs. The 4 Wheeled Carry On


    Choosing the right carry on for your trip can be tricky, especially if you plan on traveling carry on-only. In this post, we delve into two carry ons that couldn’t be more different: the duffel bag and the 4 wheeled carry on. See which one wins you over in terms of  its travel orientation.

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  • Briggs & Riley BRX Explore International Wide Body Spinner Review

    Rabat, MoroccoI booked an 11 day trip to Morocco. The plan was to meet up with some friends and take on five different cities. The most ambitious part was that I planned to tackle this trip with a mere carry on bag and backpack. I ended up choosing the Briggs & Riley BRX Explore International Wide Body Spinner. The style of the bag was the perfect blend of adventure and leisure travel that I was planning for my trip to Morocco. It had to be a bag that would fare well rolling across roads and through narrow train cars, but would still fit in the overhead bin with my small fare flight I had booked to get to Morocco. While the BRX was up against steep odds, it had just the right features to get me through the most challenging travel conditions I faced in Morocco. Here’s a review of where it shined.

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  • The Best Men's Travel Bag Guide On The Internet

    The bags you carry are an extension of yourself: apart from your clothing, your bag is one of the first things other people will notice about you. More practically, you’ll also want travel bags that can carry your best outfits comfortably, and without damage or wrinkles. It never hurt any man to look dapper while he traveled.


    At Kaehler our selection of men’s travel bags, men’s luggage and men’s carry-ons is curated for men who want only the best in both form & function. Brands like Tumi and Briggs & Riley make bags specifically designed for the needs of well-heeled traveling businessmen and stylish gentlemen. Brands like Knomo and Vocier offer innovative designs to meet the latest needs of modern men. We also carry a wide variety of men’s leather backpacks, duffels and even some luggage pieces for those looking for the bags that reach the pinnacle of masculine aesthetics and durability.


    To help select the best men’s travel bag that’ll become your favorite, we’ve assembled some of our favorite men’s bags & men’s luggage here. Read on for a sampling from each category.

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  • The Best Carry-On For Your Travel Style

    Best-Carry-On (3)

    It is every traveler's dream to fly carry-on only and skip the checked baggage line at the airport. In order to find the best carry-on for the job, check out this curated list of carry-ons paired with the travel style they are best suited to.

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  • Bric's Buyer's Guide


    Bric’s luggage has always conjured up images of vintage travel with its classic steamer trunk designs, leather-accented cases, and bags that find themselves right at home among the pages of Italian fashion magazines. As an Italian brand, Bric’s brings style and romance to their travelwear without sacrificing sensibility. It’s why you’ll see their luggage being carried by the likes of Jessica Alba and Amal Clooney. The three collections in the Bric’s line appeal to distinctly different types of travelers. In this Buyer’s Guide, we’ll take you through the three collections to find which bag best fits your travel style.

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