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  • Monowrapship Gift Guide


    What is Monowrapship, you ask?

    Monowrapship [mah-noh-rap-ship]

    1. Verb (monowrapshipping, monowrapshipped) The ability for any Kaehler customer to have their gift monogrammed, gift wrapped and shipped free of charge*, all in one store visit or by going to

    Well, it might not actually be in the dictionary (yet), but at Kaehler this term has supreme importance because it represents the customization, consideration and attention to always following up with our customers' travel needs.

    At Kaehler, we see ourselves as one-stop-shop for perfecting your travel experience. We also like to make sure every little consideration is taken care of when you purchase a gift at our store this holiday season. Let us tie up the loose ends of gift shopping for you and get any Kaehler product Monowrapshipped.

    And below are some very special items you might want to monogram, wrap or ship.

    *Free UPS ground shipping on orders over $99.

    Gifts for the Dudes in your life...

    Scotte Vest

    Scotte Vest - Men's Standard Zipper Vest


    Carry all your gadgets and belongings without having to carry a darn thing. This vest has all the practical storage of less than fashionable clothing options. There's no need to give up and settle for cargo pants, just spring for vest that allows you to tuck away you personal belongings on the inside of your clothing. With a wealth of uniquely sized pockets, there is a perfect space for almost everything - phone, iPad, glasses, keys and even a water bottle. Like people, what matters about this vest is what's on the inside, but there are also 4 standard outer pockets for good measure. Now you can bring everything you need without that "lumpy" look. And it avoids acting on the dreaded thought: "Well, maybe a man-purse would be a good idea?"

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  • Our Favorite Travel Apps

    1. Airbnb


    Few apps have changed the travel industry in recent years as much as AirBnB. Thanks to the service, it's now easier than ever to explore the world like a local - often at lesser expense than a good hotel in the same area.

    A top-notch AirBnB experience can be one of the highlights of your trip, but the non-standardized experience means not every listing will be right for the trip you're about to take. Here's a few things to keep in mind when using AirBnB:

    Make sure the location is right. For example, staying in a residential neighborhood is a lot more pleasant than the roadside parks or downtowns that hotels are often found in. Just make sure that you'll have access to the sites you want to visit from the AirBnB you stay at: it may be worth it to spend a little more on an AirBnB close to your destination and save some time spent in traffic later. Because you're vising a strange area, check ahead of time to find out what services are available in the area. When I visited Charleston with my partner, we stayed in a lovely neighborhood - but soon learned that it took a long time to find a good place for breakfast. If your AirBnB doesn't offer breakfast, look for a spot ahead of time. Hopefully your host will help you get to know the area!

    Communicate with your host. Some hosts organize their homes like hotels, with customer service and automated messages. Other hosts may treat you like visiting relatives in the spare bedroom. There's no one right approach as long as you have a comfortable stay in the end, but the important thing is to establish a relationship of mutual respect right away. Reach out to your hosts and let them known your check-in and check-out times and remember to ask if you have any questions about the house rules.

    Read listings carefully! Even the most picture-perfect AirBnB may not be right for you. For example, if you're allergic to animals, check to see if the host has pets.

    Have a backup plan. Sometimes AirBnB hosts that have accepted your request need to cancel, even as soon as a week out from your trip. AirBnB will credit what you paid toward a different AirBnB - so just make sure your whole trip doesn't absolutely depend on staying in a certain place.  

    2. Routeperfect


    photo via RoutePerfect

    Europe can easily be one of the most challenging travel destinations for planning a trip, because there’s just so much to do. With a visit to Europe, the quality and feel of every tour, site, and place to eat can vary. This is why it becomes really important to be able to vet places for your trip. This is where Route Perfect comes in. Narrow down your search using their selective tools and book your entire stay with the help of this easy app.

    How it Works: Route Perfect allows you to customize your travels in a way that instantly makes things easier for you as a planner. Use their three criteria for trip style, budget, and travel dates to generate an itinerary and suggestions for where to stop along the way. It’s like a personalized TripAdvisor for your booking, with the benefit of mapping your travel time between destinations and the different ways you can travel using public transport or private car.

    From there, you can get as detailed as you want for your trip in terms of activities. Route Perfect has a preference sidebar that allows you to click the range you fall in for small city charm, nature, food, culture, nightlife, and the list goes on. Next, you can choose what cities you are drawn to and how long you’d want to stay. It will help you alternately find hidden gems or can’t-miss spectacular sites.

    Where It Excels: The hardest thing to judge as a traveler is the distance between stops.  Route Perfect solves this by calculating how to best map out your stops between two different cities while also making sure that what you end up doing will be actually appealing to you.

    Who It’s For: Currently, Route Perfect only operates within Europe so you’ll have to contain yourself to using it on your European trips. Here is the list of countries you can use it on.

    While this is just a taste of what Route Perfect is offering, you really need to explore inside the app to fully appreciate the customization it offers. Head over now, and while you’re at it check out their blog on a food tour of Italy from the pages of Eat, Pray, Love for some idea of just how great their pre-planned packages can be!

    3. Taxilater

    TaxiLater App Review

    photo via TaxiLater

    Uber has become a staple to many of today’s travelers, but for someone who wants to reserve a ride, there’s one major roadblock: you can’t book Uber in advance. So what’s a traveler to do when you are tight on time or are in an area that has slim pickings for drivers? Download TaxiLater, an app extension for Uber, allowing you to pre-book an Uber so you never have to wait till the last minute again.

    Who It Is For

    If your one wish from Uber was the convenience of having a car waiting out front the moment you leave, this extension ensures it. It’s great for business travelers who have to work around a structured travel schedule and flyers trying to book a ride to the airport in advance, not to mention anyone who would rather not wait for a ride when they decide to pick up and leave for the next destination.

    How TaxiLater Works

    Download the app on your phone! When you are pre-booking an Uber, head into the TaxiLater app, log-in with your Uber account information , select the time, location, and car type to have your full booking to be registered.

    The Fine Print

    The app currently only works for Uber, and is exclusive to iOS users, so you are out of luck if you don’t use apple. In terms of user experience, the one downside to TaxiLater is that a driver must accept your request in order for your reservation to move forward. Lastly, you will want to be on the lookout for notifications from TaxiLater as they will notify you when Uber surge pricing is in place, and require your approval to move forward with the booking.

    Ready to Ride?

    Uber has provided you with an awesome way to have more control over spending when a car is a necessity in your travel itinerary. Ultiamtely though, TaxiLater manages to up the ante, allowing you to get some of the conveniences that you desire from other car services. It’s just another reason to love where tech is headed in terms of changing your travel experience!

    4. Uber


    photo via Uber

    Uber has had a rapid rise to fame, drawing city-dwellers and suburbanites alike for its location-specific drivers and cheap fares. For those who haven't been on the lookout recently, Uber has instated a new ride-sharing option, UberPool, that makes it easier than ever for you to get around town. Find out how best to use this and other new features in this Uber update.

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  • Briggs & Riley BRX Explore International Wide Body Spinner Review

    Rabat, MoroccoI booked an 11 day trip to Morocco. The plan was to meet up with some friends and take on five different cities. The most ambitious part was that I planned to tackle this trip with a mere carry on bag and backpack. I ended up choosing the Briggs & Riley BRX Explore International Wide Body Spinner. The style of the bag was the perfect blend of adventure and leisure travel that I was planning for my trip to Morocco. It had to be a bag that would fare well rolling across roads and through narrow train cars, but would still fit in the overhead bin with my small fare flight I had booked to get to Morocco. While the BRX was up against steep odds, it had just the right features to get me through the most challenging travel conditions I faced in Morocco. Here’s a review of where it shined.

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  • The Best Carry-On For Your Travel Style

    Best-Carry-On (3)

    It is every traveler's dream to fly carry-on only and skip the checked baggage line at the airport. In order to find the best carry-on for the job, check out this curated list of carry-ons paired with the travel style they are best suited to.

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  • Learn All About Tumi's Women's Backpacks!

    Tumi's Voyageur collection includes a number of backpacks, all of which live up to the Tumi promise of high quality and and immaculate design. But Tumi's attention to detail also means each of their backpacks is differentiated to fit different fashions and lifestyles. What kind of Tumi Women's backpack is right for you? Read on to learn more!

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