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Hex has re-imagined classic styles of backpacks, briefs & duffel bags with innovations that fit the realities of modern lifestyles. Each nylon bag is water-resistant and outfitted with pockets designed for flexibility in any packing situation. Hex's bags are perfect for business casual commutes, bicycle trips, & trips to the gym. Each bag is Device-Ready and will securely hold laptops and tablets in dedicated soft faux fur-lined pockets that will protect them from scratching & water damage: perfect for travelers who take their devices everywhere. Some Hex bags also come with specialized compartments perfect for stowing shoes or heavier electronics such as cameras. This makes the Hex line perfect for those who take photographs or other activities that require the transport of specialized equipment. 

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  • Hex - Sneaker Backpack

    $134.90 - $149.95

  • Hex - Sneaker Duffel

    $143.90 - $159.95

  • Hex - Echo Backpack

    Regular Price: $79.95

    Now only: $69.90

  • Hex - Weekender Travel Bag

    Regular Price: $139.95

    Now only: $124.90

4 Item(s)

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