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 As a more recent addition to Kaehler’s collections, Lipault has quickly established itself as a hit. Lipault, from Paris, delivers a fun, smart, lightweight new option for modern travelers. After 8 years of developing the luggage range for Air France, Francois Lipovetsky established Lipault. Since Lipault's start in 2005, its luggage is now sold in over 200 locations.

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  • Lipault Foldable 22" Carry-On Luggage

    $139.99 - $189.00

  • Lipault City Tote

  • Lipault Foldable 2-Wheeled Continental Carry-On

  • Wheeled 19" Tote

  • Lipault 2-Wheeled 24" Satchel

    $99.90 - $199.00

  • Lipault 2-Wheeled 20" Satchel

    $129.90 - $179.00

  • Lipault 18" Weekend Satchel

    $84.90 - $99.00

  • Lipault Plume 28" 4 Wheel Luggage

  • Lipault Plume 26" 4 Wheeled Luggage

    $169.90 - $229.00

  • Lipault Plume 22" 4 Wheeled Carry-On Luggage

  • Lipault Plume 19" Weekend Bag

    $59.90 - $119.00

  • Lipault Wheeled 15.4" Laptop Backpack


Items 1 to 12 of 18 total

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Luggage TagLipault

Offering both two wheeled and four wheeled luggage collections, Lipault offers luggage in both nylon and polycarbonate. Kaehler is proud to carry three collections of Lipault Luggage. Foldable Luggage, Soft-Sided Luggage, and Hard-Sided Luggage are the three lines that Lipault offers. Along with carry-ons and long trip luggage, Lipault offers tote bags, weekenders, backpacks and briefs. The foldable collection features bags in twill nylon. The lightweight material keeps the bags at a low weight before you pack. This collection is also collapsible, which means it can take less space to store in a more convenient way. The soft-sided luggage also comes in twill nylon, but features spinner wheels. The hard-sided luggage case is made from polycarbonate. The four wheeled bags range from 6.1-10 pounds, making it a good option for those who are trying to keep their bag light. Lipault is a young brand. It has only been around for 7 years now, but in that time the company has made a name for itself. With quality that is up to par with longstanding brands, Lipault has proven to be a reliable company. Lipault is a great choice for the traveler invested in lightweight luggage. With fun colors, a unique look, and an affordable price, Lipault has quickly gained popularity as it changes the face of lightweight luggage.