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  • 8 Ways to be a Friendly Flier


    Generally, it's great to have any trick that will make flying easier. However, lately products like the knee defender  have begun to push the boundaries of other passenger’s good nature, and beg the question: what goes and what doesn't in the world of travel etiquette? Here are a few things that every traveler should keep in mind in order to be a good seat mate and stay in good graces with your fellow fliers. In the spirit of doing unto your seat mate what you would have done unto you here are some tips for being a friendly flyer.

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  • Sizing up Your Carry-On with United Airlines' New Rule

    Lo $ Sons Carry-On

    Measuring to include wheels and handle is something that mere months ago only international travelers had to think about. However, one major U.S. airline has adopted this measuring style. United Airlines has now ruled that if you travel through their terminals you must include wheels and handles in your carry-on bag measurements. While you may be thinking “yes, yes, they've had that policy for some time now but I get away with it” you could be missing out on an important piece of news.

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  • Public - Supply : How Your Notebook Can Fuel the Arts

    public - supply

    Public - Supply is a  brand you couldn’t have stumbled upon at a better time. Not only do they have a line of lightweight notebooks perfect for travel notes and journaling, Kaehler has also been especially pleased by what Public - Supply notebooks are funding: The Arts in public schools. We're taking a special interest in our hometown of Chicago, selling their newest notebook collection specific to Chicago school funding at our Kaehler locations. Here is the story behind this very special notebook collection.

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