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The Latest in Luggage & Travel

  • Is Your Carry-On Really a Carry-On?


    Figuring out carry-on luggage sizing is admittedly challenging. Already, there is the stress of packing your things into a mere 20-some inches of bag space. After all that work, the last scenario you want is to arrive at the airport only to find you were an inch or two off in your estimates, and now have to check your bag. There can be more than a few lessons to master with the do’s and don’ts of carry-on travel. To make sure you are up to date for your next trip, look at the latest differences that have hit major airlines across the U.S.

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  • Rimowa Luggage: Behind the Scenes

    Rimowa Luggage Group ShotRimowa has a reputation for high caliber luggage, and has left a lot of people wanting to know just what goes into a Rimowa bag. Today you’re in luck. Our store manager Patrick recently won Rimowa’s Excellence in Sales award, and as a result was given the opportunity to fly out for a full tour and visit to the Rimowa manufacturing facilities in Ontario, Canada. What he came back with was an insider’s look that few people get into what makes a Rimowa luggage piece.

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  • GreenSmart: Introducing our Newest Brand

    GreenSmart Backpack

    GreenSmart is a line that completely rethink what we have considered up to this point as traveling green. We've written in the past about green travel tips, but this line ups the ante by offering an entire collection of bags devoted to using recycled materials. The finished product? A fantastic urban bag that looks just as good for your lifestyle as it does for the environment.

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