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The Latest in Luggage & Travel

  • Interview with a World Traveler: Down Under Endeavour's Corinne Goodman

    Down Under Endeavors Logo

    This week we sat down with Corinne Goodman, the founder of Down Under Endeavours, a Chicago-based travel company that offers specialty tours to the South Pacific. While speaking with Corinne, who’s been in the business for fifteen plus years, it seemed the perfect opportunity to pick the brain of a fellow travel enthusiast. What came from it? We got the scoop on all things travel, packing, and planning, while also managing to grab a few words of wisdom on how to handle those oh-so-intimidating long, international flights.

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  • Better Know a Brand


    brandsWhen it comes to the brands we carry, each line has a signature design feature that help to differentiate them in the eyes of a traveler. It may not be fair to sum up a brand by their best known feature considering a good piece of luggage gets that title by way of a number of different benefits. However, knowing a brand’s pivotal feature can help you find your next non-negotiable in terms of your travel luggage. In that spirit, let’s take a look at a few brands we carry and the signature design feature that is pivotal to their line.

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  • A User's Guide to Chicago Metra Travel

    Metra Map

    Chicago is a city ruled by public transport, and when it comes to what locals see as the preferred mode from all their options, you'll continually find the Metra to be a favorite. Besides the appeal of its slightly old-fashion 1920's train car vibe, you get the chance to sit back for an extended period in a fairly comfortable environment and enjoy the ride. Whether traveling from one corner of the city to another, or venturing to the neighboring suburbs for a trip, you’ll find that there are few more enjoyable ways to travel than the Metra. Here are a few tips if you are preparing to venture on a Metra trip.

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