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  • Tumi Larkin Just Landed


    Tumi Larkin

    Tumi Larkin, although not a new collection to Tumi, feels brand new after releasing a slew of women’s handbags and briefs inspiring women all over to new levels of sophistication in business travel. The Larkin has always been a standout collection for women’s business bags, but with the addition of modern storage solutions in classic configurations, you’ll never be more ready for the switch to one of their work bags.

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  • 5 Tips For The Disorganized Traveler

    Tips for the disorganized traveler

    Traveling can often be a challenge for the disorganized person. There is little room for error, and forgetting something essential to your trip can be hard to replace in a new and unfamiliar destination. Take a look at these tips to guide you if organization isn't your forte.

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  • The Senz Umbrella : Redefining the Classic Umbrella

    Senz Umbrella

    Being from the Windy City, we can attest to the fact there is nothing more frustrating than leaving home with an umbrella only to have it turn inside out in the wind. This is where the Senz umbrella comes in. Having done nothing short of redesigning the everyday umbrella, Senz created an umbrella that's shape makes it way more wind-resistant. And by way more we mean up to 50 miles an hour of wind more than the typical umbrella. Here are just a few reasons why the Senz umbrella seems to be crushing this year's competition.

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