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The Latest in Luggage & Travel

  • The New TSA Rule on Charging Your Phone

    12391_l-600x600Yes, it’s true. The TSA has recently passed a mandate about having to pass through security with a charged phone when flying from international borders into the U.S. Why does the TSA care if you’ve got enough battery? Let’s just say it’s not their way of making sure you can call your ride for pickup once you touch down. This latest change was called on by the Secretary of Homeland Security as a recent safety precaution. Here’s the deal on how it may affect if and how you choose to carry your phone on your international flight back to the U.S.

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  • The Tale of the Dopp Kit

    Dopp kit wall

    After being in the business 90 plus years at Kaehler we like to consider ourselves luggage history buffs, but it was a general surprise to hear the details surrounding the creation of the Dopp kit. Little did we know, the Dopp kit’s creation was actually just mere months before the founding of Kaehler Luggage in the very same city of Chicago. The Dopp kit is a pivotal design that, needless to say, we are fans of. It’s the traveler’s equivalent to the handyman’s tool belt; you don’t leave the house without it when traveling. In honor of this ever-practical travel accessory here are a few things that will change the way you look at your Dopp kit.

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  • Sidewalk Sale and the Chicago Street Fest

    Chicago Summer SaleToday kicks off Kaehler’s annual sidewalk sale. In honor of this fantastic street fest we thought what better time than now to cover Chicago’s top  five street festivals. The Chicago street festival has been a long time-honored tradition. Over time, street fests have proved to be a meeting grounds for the arts, food, local merchandise, music, and so much more. Although our winters may be cold Chicago always makes up for it come street fest season. This year, we've compiled a list of our five favorite summer street festivals across the Chicago area that you should make sure not to miss, as well as a little more info on our personal favorite, Sidewalk Sale.

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