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The Latest in Luggage & Travel

  • Outsmart A Poor Weather Forecast On Your Travels


    Fall and winter present awesome travel opportunities. Ticket prices tend to dip after the summer's peak travel season, and whether you want to embrace the cold with a ski break or head somewhere warm it's an excellent time travel. The only negative? It can take a certain finesse to travel with the season's inclement weather. Here are the hacks we’ve learned to outsmart rain and snow on your travels.

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  • Globe-Trotter Just Landed


    Globe-Trotter is a rarity on the world of luggage, finding a way to bring you beautifully crafted new designs that remain true to the heritage of the early days of travel. Their box case luggage is crafted in Hertfordshire, England, using impressive detailing to bring you a piece that can be handed down for generations. If you’ve always loved the flavor of air hostesses, bellhops, and vintage postcards, this collection will be right up your alley. Here are the collections you can find at Kaehler that will instantly give you an iconic look for your next getaway.

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  • 5 Fashion-Forward Bags You Need In Your Life


    With travel fashion at an all-time high it’s no wonder that women have been clamoring for a bag that is just as stylish as the rest of their outfit when they are jet-setting. Treat the terminals like your own runway with these five fashionable luggage styles that will add to your look.

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