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The Latest in Luggage & Travel

  • New Baggallini Just Landed


    Baggallini has many women swooning over their new bag styles that are, more than ever, ready to keep you organized on the road. This brand has long been a standby for women who need a bag that stays light will still offering the best storage possible. With this season’s sleek, many-pocketed designs that are geared towards a new wave of tech-friendly travel, your handbag has never been more capable. Here are the styles that will quickly make their way onto your wish list.

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  • Amsterdam Quick Trip Guide


    If you've made the good decision to book your next trip to Amsterdam there are a number of things running through your mind. With so much to do and what is often so little time, we’ve decided to make a condensed travelers guide for what to pack and what to do in this fantastic city. Take on the best of Amsterdam in this weekend guide.

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  • The Do's And Don'ts Of Flying With A Baby


    Traveling with a baby is admittedly an unpredictable experience. When it comes down to it, only your baby can dictate their behavior on a plane. However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t certain preparations and responses you can have planned so things run as smoothly as possible during the flight. After all, your child's first two years on board a plane are free. Why not take advantage of that time while you can? Look at these do’s and don'ts before boarding a flight with baby in tow.

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